Short-Burst Diet

So you’ve heard about the Short-Burst diet. It sounds simple enough, right?

But will this diet actually help you diminish fat and lose weight? Let’s get to the bottom of this.

What is the Short-Burst Diet?

First and foremost, what does the Short Burst diet consist of?

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It’s a simple diet that asks you to focus on what you eat for just 5 consecutive days each month. The short burst diet plan calls for you to reduce your calorie intake to just 1,000 calories per day for 5 days straight. The rest of the month you can go back to eating whatever you “normally eat” according to the Short-Burst diet plan.

This program is not a fitness product, so unlike SpecForce Abs this plan won’t require you to do any core workouts to help you get a flat and toned tummy. In fact, the Short Burst diet won’t even ask you to do any exercise at all…

The Short-Burst appears to be designed for individuals who have tried dieting in the past, but struggle to stick with a long term healthy eating plan.

But will the Short-Burst diet really work?

Well, that depends on quite a few things really. Let’s talk about some of the good and bad parts of the Short Burst diet.

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The Good

  • The Short Burst diet encourages you to eat a plant based diet for the 5 days you are “on” the diet.
  • If your normal eating habits do not include plant based foods, you will likely benefit greatly from getting 5 days of clean vegetable sourced foods into your body.

  • This diet encourages you “track your calories” for the 5 days you are on it each month
  • They say what gets measured gets managed. If you are not tracking your calories and macros (ie macro nutrients: protein, carbs, and fat) you are eating each day you will likely benefit greatly from doing this. The Short Burst diet calls for 1,000 calories per day, so you should be weighing, measuring, and tracking how many calories you are consuming each day while “on the diet” for 5 days straight.

    Ideally, if you are trying to lose weight (or gain weight) it will help you significantly to know how much you are eating each day. Depending on your current weight, muscle mass, and fat mass there is a certain level of nutrients you need to consume each day to “maintain your current mass (weight)”. If you are short on this number, your body will begin to run on stored reserves, aka fat (or possibly muscle, but usually fat).

    If weight loss is your goal, the big idea here is to cut your calories to slightly below your “maintenance” level, then do this consistently to lose weight consistently. If you want to gain weight, just consume more calories than you are expending each day.

The Bad

  • 1,000 calories per day is a “blanket number” that may not be suitable for everyone
  • One thing we don’t like about the Short-Burst diet is the 1,000 calories recommendation for 5 consecutive days. In theory there may be hormonal benefits to doing this, but every person has a different level of calorie requirements.

    As far as we are concerned, consuming more than 1,000 calories is perfectly acceptable as long as the nutrients are coming from plant based sources. 1,000 calories per day is pretty close to clinical starvation. This leads us to the next point…

  • Short Burst Diet does not consider exercise!
  • Okay, so it is a “diet”, but the Short-Burst diet places no emphasis on exercise whatsoever.

    It’s understandable that some people simply aren’t able to exercise like they once were due to various ailments, but there are supplements that can help.

    For example, if you suffer from joint pain you may want to consider taking a fish oil supplement such as Omega XL to reduce inflammation so you’ll feel better and put yourself in better position to be able to start exercising more.

    A combination of diet and exercise is the ideal way to optimize the way your body functions. It would be a mistake for you to only diet for 5 days per month, and then not watch what you eat or exercise the rest of the month.

    Also, if you are exercising on the 5 days of your “diet” you could easily slip into a drastic caloric deficit, which could lead to sickness.

    If you’re a guy over the age of 40, you may want to check out our Abs After 40 review to give you some idea of what kind of exercise it takes to get 6 pack abs a little later in life. (it’s definitely achievable)

  • The Short-Burst Diet doesn’t give advice for the other 25 days each month!
  • short burst diet recipesWe get it. The Short-Burst diet keeps it simple, but make no mistake, your results are going to significantly depend on what you are eating for the other 25 days out of a 30 day month.

    If you’re only watching what you eat for 5 days out of 30, aka only 16% of the month, you’re in trouble! This plan leaves over 80% of the time for you to go back to your “normal eating” whatever that may be.

    In short, you’re results are going to highly depend on what your “normal” eating habits are. If you’re eating cookies, pizza, and high fat burgers 25 days of the month, then clean it up for a few days each month… well, let’s just say we think you could do better.

    If you are using the Short-Burst diet as a stepping stone into a more comprehensive nutrition plan, that’s a great start. In the long term, we think more emphasis should be placed on your daily nutrition for optimal weight loss results.

Will the Short-Burst Diet work for you?


will the short burst diet work for meThe answer to this question isn’t 100% straight forward. It truly depends on where you are now in terms of body fat, what your current diet is, and what exercise you regularly do.

If you have a lot of fat to lose, and you are not watching what you eat at all and not exercising at all, the Short Burst diet will probably be better than doing nothing at all.

The Short Burst diet can be an effective tool to “shock your system” and change the way hormones are working within your body.

As far as consuming only 1,000 calories per a day goes, this could be dangerous.

As long as you are eating “clean foods” from plant based sources, overshooting 1,000 calories will probably be just fine for the average person.

Final thoughts on the Short Burst Diet

6 pack fast track author profile pic smallerHere are my final thoughts for you to take home…

In a sense, the Short Burst diet encourages “crash dieting” once per month for a handful of days. According to this diet, it is “okay” to diet for 5 days then “give up”, then rinse and repeat once per month.

If you’re going to use the Short-Burst diet, use it as a “stepping stone”.

I would never leave my personal health and well being in the hands of what I eat for just 5 out of 30 days per month.

Rather than starving yourself for 5 consecutive days per month, I encourage you to add in more calories, and exercise too. For example, instead of eating just 1,000 calories, eat 2,000 calories and add in 30 minutes of cycling.

At minimum, I encourage you to kick everyday off with good start by following some of my simple healthy breakfast ideas.

If you’re serious about losing weight while also eating tasty, nutritious foods, that fuel a happier, healthier life, we recommend you check out the The Day-Off Diet or The Wild Diet instead.

Nutrition AND exercise trumps either by itself, there’s some sort of synergy there.

Don’t leave your health and weight loss up to what you eat for just 5 days out of every 30 days.

Improve your daily habits and lasting results will come.

It’s not so much what you do today as what you do daily. Keep this in mind as you follow the Short Burst diet.