So, I got to skimming the ‘net today and I saw news about this new Juicero product plastered all over the web.
Naturally, I couldn’t stop myself from biting the bait…

I had to peek to see what all the Juicero hype was about…

Upon first inspection, the company behind this machine wants to become the “Keurig” of juicers:

Juicero is basically the “push button fresh juice” machine, similar to how Keurig is the push button coffee machine.

It’s a juice machine that you basically insert “juice pods” or “pouches” into instead of coffee pods like you’d do for a Keurig.

How Does Juicero Work?

After taking a look at the company’s official video I saw that the first few minutes basically touched on all the “pain points” of juicing the traditional way.

  • You have to buy fresh vegetables and/or fruits
  • You should clean them prior to juicing them
  • Then you have to assembling the juicer and making the juice
  • Then finally you have to clean up the mess you just made (which is often times the most tedious part)

Of course, these are all very valid points.

Making a fresh homemade juice is not exactly the cheapest nor most convenient thing in the world…

But the next part of the Juicero video is what truly shocked me.

According to the video I saw, Juicero aims to solve all the problems of traditional juicing by offering it’s customers a $700 machine that will basically pour pre-packaged juice pouches into a glass for you.


Isn’t the whole point of juicing to get real, natural, fresh fruits and vegetables into your system?

Is Juicero a Prank?

Ok, so I looked a bit closer and it hit me – This video was posted just a day before April fools day!

Great, it’s just a big joke!

Or is it?

I thought for sure this Juicero machine had to be an April fools day prank after seeing the timely release near April 1st, but I started to dig in and look a bit closer.

I was searching Google for anything I could find about this company to verify my suspicion of this being a prank, but what I uncovered was a bit surprising.

There are actually legitimate articles and news reports about Juicero dating back well into January 2015, and I trustworthy sources reveal the company has actually raised tens of millions of dollars already including $4 million back in October 2013!

So is machine legit?

Final Thoughts on Juicero

For now it appears to be a mere coincidence that Juicero decided to “launch” there new product in close proximity to April fools day, but I’m still not 100% convinced that this is for real!

I mean, come on… $700 for a “juicing” machine that literally doesn’t even have a single blade to chop a fresh fruit or vegetable? Really?

On top of the upfront price for the the machine itself it looks like the juice pouches will cost anywhere from $4 to $10 per a pouch!

Correct me if I’m wrong, but couldn’t you just go down to the local grocery and buy a 10 pack of pre-packaged juices for FAR less and save yourself a boat load of money?

Maybe I’m missing something here, or perhaps this whole Juicero thing is just a very elaborate prank…

If you haven’t guess by now, I have no intention of purchasing this “juicing” machine at the time of this writing – I think I’ll stick to eating real fruits and veggies for now!

What are your thoughts on Juicero? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear what you think!