Direct HIIT

direct hiitDirect HIIT is a new fitness program created by Brandon Carter that claims to be able to take you by the hand and show you the way to get the lean ripped body of your dreams in under 90 days.

Whoa… did I read that right?

Just 90 days?

This guys gotta be full of it! Right?

Well, they say you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, so let’s dive in and see what this Brandon Carter dudes Direct HIIT program is all about.

But first thing’s first…

After putting this program under the microscope and taking a closer look at everything that’s involved with Brandon’s workout program I’ve gotta tell you something right now.

The Direct HIIT workout program definitely isn’t for you if the following statements describe you:

  • If you’re not capable of High-Intensity Interval Training.
  • If you’re a gym rat and you love spending multiple hours in the gym 5 or 6 days per a week following a traditional bodybuilding workout split.
  • If you want to go on a bulk and gain body fat to win a strongman competition.
  • If you’re lazy and you’re still searching for some secret magic pill or potion that’ll get you lean and ripped with little to no effort.
  • If you’re suffering from an injury that prevents you from exercising.
  • If you’re over age 60.
  • If you’re only getting this program because you think you’ll look like Brandon Carter within 12 weeks.

and one more thing on that last bullet point…

The truth is, you’ll NEVER look like Brandon Carter, and neither will I. Heck, even Brandon Carter’s brother won’t look like Brandon Carter.

We each have our own genetics, and we each have a “best version” of our self that we can individually achieve.

BUT, that being said, it doesn’t mean you can’t look good AF if you eat clean and train hard with Brandon Carter’s Direct HIIT workout program.

In fact, if you don’t start eating clean and training hard, it’s going to be all down hill for the rest of your life!

Ok great, you’re still with me, I didn’t scare you away… yet.

Now let’s get down to what you came here for and get this Direct HIIT review in motion!

Direct HIIT Review

direct hiit brandon carterFor those of you who don’t know Brandon Carter, he actually has a massive YouTube fitness channel. Over the past few years I’ve seen and heard quite a bit about him making waves in the fitness industry. He’s got over 10 years in the fitness game, he’s a model, and he’s even been featured on the cover of magazines.

…and I know you’re not blind, but a quick glance at his physique is a revealing hint that this guy basically eats, sleeps, and breathes fitness.

To make a long story short, when it comes to building lean muscle and burning fat, this is a dude that knows his sh*t inside and out.

If you’ve had a chance to checkout Brandon Carter’s official Direct HIIT website then you’ve likely noticed some of the stunning “before and after” transformation pics posted. Like I was saying before, Brandon is no stranger to the fitness game, he’s been helping people get lean and ripped for over a decade.

According to Brandon, there’s 3 reasons why you haven’t gotten the results you want with nutrition plans or exercise programs in the past.

Reason #1 is you simply don’t know what to do because there is so much misinformation and straight up lies perpetuated in the fitness industry, and I have to agree. Having been in the health and fitness scene for a handful of years myself, I’ve seen countless bogus weight loss programs, fad diets, exercise tools/equipment, and “miracle potions” come and go. (and I have to admit that even I’ve fallen for some of them)

While each of the aforementioned products has it’s own unique pitch, they pretty much all have one thing in common: they’re designed pull the wool over the eyes of their customers and mislead hopeful people into thinking all they need is one super easy trick and they’ll be on the fast track to getting there dream body without putting in any real time or work.

I think we’ve all bit the bait on a pitch like that (to some degree) in the past… I mean come on, you’re telling me I can get amazing results and no work? Sign me up! Right?

But how did that pan out for you?

One thing that I love about Brandon Carter’s Direct HIIT workout is he tells you the truth straight to your face right from the get-go. Within seconds of reading his webpage you’ll understand that his workout program isn’t for the faint of heart – it’s going to require hard work, and lots of it. This workout program is not designed for someone looking for a quick fix or and “easy way out”, and Brandon isn’t going to pump you full of misinformation and lies like a lot of other bogus programs I’ve seen come and go in the past.

Reason #2 is you need a better motivator. Again, I 100% agree with Brandon here…

Let me tell you a quick story.

Before I found a motivator I was working out for almost 2 years on my own, without any specific program or coach or anything like that. Then I got really inspired and motivated by a personal trainer at my gym (having saw the results of his clients and his own results). So I started buying personal training sessions with him and following his proven workout plans (which was extremely expensive compared to Direct HIIT by the way, I was paying $50 per an HOUR even with a discount). But within about 3 months I got the most lean and shredded I’d ever been in my life – literally within weeks my results were better then training on my own for multiple years. The personal trainer motivated me and took my out of my comfort zone and pushed me into a realm where real results are earned. Brandon Carter says sometimes you need a swift kick in the butt to get you going in the right direction, and I have to agree this is very true. If you don’t have a motivator, you will not push yourself as hard as you need to on your own. You just won’t, you’re brain will tell you “that’s enough, stop now it hurts”, when it’s really not.

Having a motivator made all the difference for me, and I know it will for you too.

Reason #3 is you should be using proven systems and techniques to get the results you desire. This is honestly pretty important if you’re time is valuable to you and you want to get results in a reasonable amount of time. Going back to the story I just mentioned above… before I started using a proven system and stuck with it, I was exercising regularly but the results just weren’t delivering like I wanted them to. Even though I was working out several times per a week, I just wasn’t doing the right kinds of exercises, at the right intensity level, and therefore my results were lacking in a big way. Sure, doing some kind of exercise is better than doing none at all, but if you’re going to invest your time into working out, why not do it right from the start?

By simply investing less money than the price of a tub of worthless whey protein powder into educating yourself and learning proven techniques and principles from a fitness expert right out of the gate you’ll be setting yourself up for short term and long term success.

Using a proven workout system is paramount to achieving your fitness goals. Don’t be one of those people walking on the treadmill!

What’s Included with Direct HIIT

When you get Direct HIIT you’ll have instant online access to Brand Carter’s training program. There’s no need to pay for shipping and handling and then wait around twiddling your thumbs for a week until some old school DVD shows up in the mailbox (do people still use DVDs?).

You can do all the workouts at home with just your own body weight. You won’t need a gym membership, you won’t need any gym equipment, and you won’t need to pay any personal training fees (that sh*t adds up quick!).

The bulk of the Direct HIIT workout system is made up of three components:

  • 15 intense workouts that are each 35 to 50 minutes in length
  • 3 Phases of workouts. Each phase is 4 weeks, which gives you a progressive approach to fat loss.
  • 3 Yoga workouts to help you improve your flexibility and mobility.

The Direct HIIT workout program promises to transform your body in 4 key ways.

KEY AREA #1: Fat Loss

KEY AREA #2: Muscle Definition

KEY AREA #3: Enhanced Muscle Exposure

KEY AREA #4: Mental Toughness

…actually, why am I wasting my time writing this?

You hear it straight from the horses mouth on Brandon’s official Direct HIIT website.

The Bottom Line On Direct HIIT

direct hiit reviewAt this point in our review you’ve probably got a pretty good idea if this Bro Labs program is for you or not, but here’s my final thoughts for you on Brandon Carter’s Direct HIIT workout program…

Direct HIIT is a legit workout program that can help you build lean muscle, burn fat, and get shredded.

The workout program is not going to be easy, but it will be effective if you follow the 90 day plan Brandon lays out for you.

Here at 6 Pack Fast Track, we believe the best way to get lean and stay lean is to follow the FitNESS formula, which is an acronym for get Fit with proper Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, and Supplementation.

Brandon’s Direct HIIT program places a heavy emphasis on the exercise component of the FitNESS formula, but in the sales letter we don’t see much mentioned about Nutrition other than the Bonus #1 Nutrition Log….

So here’s the deal.

When you click the buy button here on this page and order Direct HIIT, we are going to hook you up with our 6 Pack Fast Track Nutrition Guide for free (normally $47).

The nutrition guide you’ll receive when you click the buy button and enter your name on the next page is the exact same nutrition guide I have been following personally to get lean myself.

The 6 Pack Fast Track Nutrition Guide will give you head start on your 90 day journey to burning fat and building lean muscle.

Here’s how it works.

When you click the order button below you’ll be sent over to Brandon’s Direct HIIT website where you’ll place your order for his workout program. After you complete your order you’ll get instant access to his workout program and you’ll get a purchase receipt in your e-mail. Just shoot me an e-mail ( including your purchase receipt and I’ll make sure you get a free copy of the 6 Pack Fast Track Nutrition Guide to help you get the ball rolling!


Does Brandon Carter’s Direct HIIT workout program work? Only if you actually do it!

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He even includes a full 60 day money back guarantee with your purchase, the dude isn’t out to BS anyone.

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