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So you’ve seen the Abs After 40 video featuring George Bush on steroids
abs after 40
…isn’t there a striking resemblance? lol!

Okay okay,
All jokes aside, I spend quite a bit of time surfing the web, and recently I’ve seen this brand new Abs After 40 video plastered all over the ‘net.

I see it everywhere, and while it may seem a bit spammy, I have to admit that Mark (that ripped guy in the video) actually seems to know what he’s talking about. (no, it’s not George Bush)

But first things first – I want to thank you for being a wise consumer and stopping by 6PackFastTrack.com and reading our review before pulling out your credit card and swiping it blindly.

We understand, you’ve got some questions that need answers before you can make an informed decision on whether or not Abs After 40 is what you need to diminish fat and get six pack abs in your…. young age.

Obviously, Abs After 40 is highly popular fitness program specifically designed for men who’ve made it past their 30’s and still want to get six pack abs and maintain a lean, chiseled physique well into their 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s.

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But the big question is, does Abs After 40 really work? Is it too good to be true?

After receiving numerous requests for an honest Abs After 40 review we’ve finally got this page written up for you.

The Problem With Getting Abs After 40

The unfortunate truth is, burning fat and getting a 6 pack abs only gets more difficult as we get older.

I know, it’s painful to hear, and believe me when I say I’m not excited about getting older either.

But it’s a fact all us dudes have to live with.

Getting abs after 40 can be an uphill battle, and this is especially true for men who aren’t properly educated, or following the wrong advice!

abs after 40 reviewBut, can men over age 40 still get a 6 pack abs?


However, you’re best bet is going to be following a program designed for someone your age (I wouldn’t put my money on following a workout plan designed for a 20-year-old dude!).

Hear me out.

It’s all about arming yourself with the right knowledge and information to tip the scale in your favor.

As men get older we’re faced with more, and more, and more obstacles that prevent us from getting the lean muscular body we desire.

Among the many things that stop men age 40+ from ever seeing a 6 pack abs on their own body, dead in their tracks, are:

  • Eating high fat foods
    Tip: If you’re serious about cleaning up your diet and losing belly fat so you’ll have six pack abs, check out these healthy breakfast ideas I use daily to help me maintain visible abs year round.
  • Eating lots of processed foods made by the house cook out of convenience
  • Having less time to workout due to more obligations (work, house, kids to name a few)
  • Having less overall energy and more stress

But the GRANDADDY of ALL THINGS that prevents men over 40 from burning fat and getting a lean muscular physique is Declining Testosterone and Human Growth Hormone!

It’s no secret that as men get older our testosterone and growth hormone (HGH or GH) declines. These two key hormones are optimal when we’re in our early to mid twenties, but by the time we hit age 30 our body’s natural production of these critical fat burning, muscle building hormones begins to decline.

By the time a man reaches age 40 testosterone and GH production is significantly reduced, which makes it more difficult to get abs after 40 unless you know what you’re doing.

We all know that testosterone and HGH are our bodies key “sex hormones” that are largely responsible for our ability to build and maintain muscle mass, and also what makes our body simultaneously burn fat (not to mention sex drive!).

Without optimal testosterone and HGH levels, men have no chance to build muscle, nor can you get lean without your body producing these key hormones.
abs after 40 reviews
Think about it…

Why do you think young men are able to get so much more JACKED than ANY woman?

One word – Testosterone. The male body produces abundant amounts of it, the female body simply doesn’t.

So really the BIG QUESTION that everyone wants to know the answer to is what can men over 40 do raise their testosterone and HGH levels?

get abs after 40

Well, here are your options.

  1. You could be the cheater, and just buy testosterone supplements.
    Get on “the gear”, aka, Hormone Replacement Therapy, aka Steroids. Basically this means you’ll need to go to the doctor and get your “levels tested” and hope the doctor will give you a prescription to buy pharmaceutical grade testosterone and/or HGH. (or just buy some gear from the local meathead at the gym – don’t do this)

    The problem with getting on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) could be vast. It can be incredibly expensive (in excess of $1000 per a month easily), plus you’ll need to make regular visits to the doctor and get the stuff injected into your body properly, and you’ll have to get regular blood work done. (and you’ll still need to workout even if it’s not with the Abs After 40 program)

    PLUS the long term side effects. We’re talkin’ getting heart disease EARLY in life (the most likely reason you’ll die).

    Hormone Replacement Therapy, Testosterone, HGH, and the like are what body builders like Arnold Schwarzenegger use to get SO HUGE – and it’s also the reason so many of them have massive health implications so early in life.

    Do you have any idea the amount of operations Arnold Schwarzenegger has ALREADY had so he doesn’t die from all the ‘juice’ he’s been on all his life? It’s insane, us average folk can’t afford all these operations. Also, do you have any idea the amount of men who have died in their 30’s and 40’s from using injected hormones? It’s insane.

    If you start artificially injecting hormones into your body, all kinds of health issues can arise. For one, your bodies natural production of testosterone and/or HGH will AT LEAST temporarily shut down, and it may even permanently shut down.

    Plus, Hormone Replacement Therapy will only work for as long as you’re on it.

    It’s extremely expensive in terms of the money up front, and it’s even more expensive in the long haul for your health (the expense may literally be your own life which probably isn’t what you’re trying to sign up for!).

    I don’t recommend this option, especially not as a first choice.

  3. You can be a quitter and do nothing at all.
    Don’t buy Abs after 40 and just sit back and keep living the same ol’ lifestyle you currently are, stay fat and keep getting fatter until you eventually die of a stroke or heart disease in a decade or two (heck, maybe you’ll make it for another miserable 30 more years of existence).

    You could just let life get the best of you and make excuses to keep being lazy, keep eating unhealthy, and watch your body fat accumulate. You could keep doing the same ol’ ineffective exercises that are getting you no results, and not live life to your full potential (or even anywhere close).

    After all, it IS the most popular option. This is what most men let happen to them.

    They live a sedentary life of little to no activity, and eat junk food.

    But the truth is, deep down they know it’s no way to live.

    Especially not when you have the ability to tap into knowledge of how to live better a better life literally at your finger tips nowadays. (It wasn’t always so easy to know WHAT IS HEALTHY vs what isn’t – thank you internet)

    I sure as hell don’t recommend you just give up!

  5. You can man the f*ck up, get the Abs After 40 program, do the proven exercises, and finally start living up to your full potential and become the man you know you CAN be.
    does abs after 40 work
    This isn’t the easiest route (which is why most men don’t travel down this road), but it’s honestly not that difficult either.

    Men well into their 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s burn fat and get shredded every single year, and the truth is, you can too.

    One thing is for sure though, this is without a shadow of doubt, the most rewarding route of all.

    This is you deciding to take action and get the Abs After 40 program and just freakin’ do the proven exercise program!

    This is the decision only few men will actually make. Statistically speaking, most guys reading this will exit this website (and never come back) and go back to being fat and lazy until the day they die. (I know, it’s sad)

    But you, I have a feeling, are consciously acknowledging that you’re life is 100% in your control and you can make a decision right now to take action and take your health back into your own hands.

    You can make a decision right now to equip yourself with the knowledge you need and grind it out and do what it takes to burn fat, get lean, release your inner beast, and become the man you know you truly are.

Abs After 40 Review in a nutshell

get abs after 40Listen, here’s my final thought’s for you. (that’s me on the right)

If you’re in your 40’s or 50’s the cards are stacked against you, but Abs After 40 can help you.

The truth is you aren’t going to get away with doing the same ineffective exercises as the 20-year-old dudes are doing in the gym. The young guys can get away with doing the wrong exercises and eating the wrong foods and still get decent results, simply because they have higher natural hormone production.

Men older than 40 are much more likely to suffer from ailments such as joint pain (which Omega XL can help alleviate), and injuries, on top of having less time and energy, and the house cook isn’t always preparing the healthiest food on the planet conducive to you getting six pack abs.

As men get older, testosterone and HGH levels decline, so it’s absolutely critical that you do everything you can to boost hormone production.

Abs After 40 is your solution, it’s a complete program specifically designed for a guy just like you, and it can get you on the fast track to getting lean and ripped.

At the end of the day, it’s 100% up to you to actually get the Abs After 40 program and take action on it!

But hey, I’m not going to twist your arm and tell you what you what to do…

You already know the right decision. The ball’s in your court friend.

get abs after 40